Two Russians, who live in Sweden for 22 years, are accused of espionage

On Tuesday, the Swedish security service arrested two people in the Stockholm region suspected of years of spying for an unspecified country, authorities announced, while the media they reported that it is a Russian couple.

‘The security service conducted an operation on Tuesday morning in the’area of Stockholm,” the authorities said.

For its part, the Swedish Security Service said: “One of the detainees is suspected of serious illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and illegal intelligence activities against a foreign power.” “The second person is suspected of complicity” with the first defendant, she added.

Court documents show prosecutors believe the intelligence-gathering operation took place in thearea of Stockholm since January 2013.

The Swedish security service and the prosecution refused to give details of the detainees, but the “Aftonbladet” newspaper reported that they are a couple who immigrated from Russia in Sweden shortly before 2000.

The newspaper pointed out that the 60-year-old couple appeared to be living a quiet life in a residential neighborhood in Stockholm, while they were spying on Sweden and another country for Russia.

The Security Service said that “after their arrest, house searches were carried out and a third person was brought in for questioning”.

The Swedish prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrests and said it must decide by noon on Friday whether to release the suspects or seek court permission to detain them.

Earlier this month, prosecutors charged two Swedish brothers with “spying” for Russia’s military intelligence service between 2011 and 2021. Their trial is expected to begin this week.

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