Two Syrian brides dreamed of Germany and were swallowed by the sea off Lebanon

Weeks ago, Janda Saeed (27) and Enas Abdel Salam (23) left Syria for Lebanon, where they boarded a boat they hoped would take them. in Europe, to meet their boyfriends in Germany and complete their marriage transactions with the two brothers.

But the trip, which started on the night of April 23, soon ended with the sinking of the boat as the Lebanese army tried to arrest it off the coast of Tripoli in the north. According to the United Nations, there were 84 people on the boat, 45 of whom were rescued, 11 of them Syrians, while only eight bodies were found. About forty people are still missing, eight of them are Syrians, including Janda and Enas. Her mother, Shawha, greets her daughter on the eve of her travels by organizing a henna party for her, a tradition inherited from the bride wearing a red dress, in the presence of her friends, during which her hands come decorated with henna. Shawaha did not know how Ganda would go to her boyfriend in Germany.