U.S. photos reveal a Chinese ICBM

Recent U.S. photos and reports revealed the presence of a new Chinese base that includes a Chinese People’s Liberation Army ballistic missile brigade near Xinjiang city, Xiangyang.

The Pentagon released its annual report last year, but did not highlight the base on its map. But new photos and a report from a defense intelligence firm, both seen by the NatSec Daily, show that this newly identified Chinese complex is very important, according to Politico.

Jane’s analysis of available satellite images taken on October 25, which are said to have not been released to protect sources and methods, shows a new missile base built between 2019 and 2021 four miles south of Xiangyang.

The Guinness Institute’s analysis indicates that “the base has many advantages, including a secure perimeter, several equipment hangars, and various barracks and support structures.”

“The unit assigned to the Xiangyang base is unknown, but the base’s purpose may be to house the 664th Brigade. The 664th Brigade is defined as an ICBM unit equipped with DF-31AG missiles,” Cheyenne wrote. O’Connor, author of Jane’s Report.

Recent photos

This new discovery comes on top of recent photos taken by Maxar Technologies that revealed images of a fake US aircraft carrier in China’s northwestern desert, which Beijing’s forces could use to train to combat the United States.

According to the report, “the complete model of the American aircraft carrier and at least two Arleigh Burke class destroyers is part of the range that was built in thearea by Ruoqiang.

The site is close to the range of a former target that China used to test its deadly DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile.

According to USNI News, HI SUTTON and SAM LAGRONE on Sunday.

The images reveal that China continues to focus on anti-aircraft weapons, with a particular focus on US Navy warships.

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