UAE Supplies Over One-Third of Japan’s Oil Demand in January

Japan imported 28.854 million barrels of crude oil from the UAE in January 2023, according to the Energy and Natural Resources Agency of Japan’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Economy.

Japan’s oil imports amounted to 84.423 million barrels, with 94.4% or 79.721 million barrels coming from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the neutral zone.

Imports from Saudi Arabia amounted to 37.095 million barrels or 43.9% of the total in January, followed by the UAE with 28.854 million barrels or 34.2%, then Kuwait with 8.448 million barrels or 10% of the total, and then Qatar with 3.875 million barrels. or 4.6%.

And Japan imported from the Sultanate of Oman 998,578 thousand barrels, or 1.2%, and from the Khafji field in the neutral zone – 449,691 thousand barrels, or 0.5%.

The rest of imports came from the United States at 2.6%, from Central and South America at 1.6%, from Southeast Asia, in particular from Malaysia and Indonesia, at 0.4% and from Oceania at 0.1%.

Source: WAM