UAW Outlines Plans for Simultaneous Strikes Against Detroit 3 Automakers: Negotiations Stall

The UAW Plans Series of Strikes Against Detroit 3 Automakers

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has outlined its plans for a series of strikes targeting individual auto plants in the United States. This would mark the first-ever simultaneous walkout against the Detroit 3 automakers. The decision to escalate the situation comes as negotiations for a new deal, which began in July, have failed to yield an agreement between the UAW and automakers Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Chrysler parent Stellantis.

A Timeline of Events

March 25: Shawn Fain is elected as the UAW president and promises to take a tough stance with the Detroit 3 automakers.

July 10: The union announces that it will commence contract talks with the Detroit 3 automakers on July 13.

July 11: Fain asserts that the union is prepared to strike at any of the automakers if a fair contract is not reached.

July 19: Fain meets with President Joe Biden at the White House to brief the staff on contract talks with the Detroit 3 automakers.

The UAW Presents Demands

Aug. 1: The UAW presents ambitious demands to Stellantis, including double-digit pay raises and defined-benefit pensions for all workers.

Aug. 2: The union presents contract demands to General Motors.

Aug. 3: The union presents contract demands to Ford Motor Co.

Aug. 8: Fain, in a show of discontent, dismisses contract proposals from Stellantis by tossing them in the trash, citing numerous concessions sought by the Chrysler parent in labor negotiations.

Aug. 25: The UAW announces that 97% of voting members have authorized a strike at the Detroit 3 if an agreement is not reached before Sept. 14.

Aug. 31: The union files unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against GM and Stellantis, claiming they have failed to bargain in good faith.

Aug. 31: Ford presents a contract offer to the UAW, which includes 15% guaranteed combined wage increases for hourly employees, lumpsum payments, and improved benefits throughout the contract’s duration.

Sept 6: The UAW submits a counterproposal on economic issues to Ford.

Sept. 7: GM counters with an offer of a 10% wage hike and two additional 3% annual lumpsum payments over four years. Fain deems the offer “insulting.”

Sept. 8: Stellantis offers U.S. hourly workers a 14.5% wage hike over four years without lumpsum payments.

Sept. 8: Fain states that the UAW wants to reach a deal to avoid strikes at the Detroit 3, but expects to proceed with walkouts against all of them if the contract offers are not improved.

Sept. 11: Stellantis plans to make a new counteroffer to the UAW after the union submits its own revised offer on Sunday. The current four-year labor deal is set to expire on Thursday night.

Sept. 13: The UAW rejects counteroffers from the automakers and announces plans for strikes targeting individual auto plants in the U.S. This would be the first-ever simultaneous strike against the Detroit 3.

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