UEFA disqualifies Moyes for one game and Reyes for two

London: The European Football Association (UEFA) has announced the banning of West Ham manager David Moyes for one game, and the banning of Declan Rice, captain of the team, for two games, after the events that occurred after the defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt in the German league in the European league. And “UEFA” said Moyes will be suspended for one match due to his unsportsmanlike conduct, while Rice has been suspended for two games for insulting the referee in the semi-final second leg that West Ham lost the month. last. And British news agency “BA Media” reported that Moyes received a direct red card from referee Jesús Gil Manzano for throwing the ball at the ball carrier, while Rice accused the Spanish referee of bribery afterwards. that West Ham lost 1-0 in the return to Frankfurt. The English side said goodbye to the losing competition in The total of home and away games is 1/3. The cameras of the American channels “Fox Sports” captured Rice’s statements against Manzano, who was in the tunnel leading to the locker room at the end of the match, and these clips were circulated on social. The 23-year-old said: “Referee, referee, the performance was poor, the whole game was bad.” “Honestly, how can you be so bad? Maybe I got paid for this … bribery. ”West Ham’s Aaron Cresswell was sent off in the 19th minute for picking up Jens Peter Hauge as he tried to go. in brings. At first, the player received a yellow card, which was updated to red after the intervention of the video assistant referee (VAR). (Dpa)