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UK is developing a new batch of Type-26 frigates

British media reports that the UK will move on to the second phase of developing Type-26 military frigates for the army.

“The UK has begun the transition to the next phase of development of the Type-26 frigates, and in addition to the three ships of this type that are being developed, five more ships will be developed,” the British agency said in a statement. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the British government will sign £4.2 billion worth of contracts with BAE Systems to develop a second batch of Type-26 frigates for the British Army, with the new frigates due to be ready by mid-2030.

Each of the new Type-26 ships is 150 meters long, 21 meters wide and has a displacement of 8,000 tons. These ships can move at a speed of 26 knots and cover 7,000 nautical miles per mission.

According to the leaks, these ships will receive Sea Ceptor missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, 127mm cannons, 20mm and 30mm machine guns, and platforms for transporting offshore helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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