World UK proceeds with deportation flight to Jamaica despite backlash

UK proceeds with deportation flight to Jamaica despite backlash


The UK federal government has actually continued with a deportation flight to Jamaica with what it calls “foreign national offenders” on board, versus the background of a legal fight and strong backlash from civil liberties organisations.

On Monday night, Court of Appeal judge  Woman Justice Simler purchased the Office not to perform the arranged deportation of some individuals in the middle of issues that mobile phone blackouts had actually avoided them from having gain access to to legal suggestions while in detention in 2 centres near Heathrow Airport. 


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She stated those detainees ought to not be eliminated unless the Office is pleased they “had access to a functioning, non-O2 Sim card on or before February 3”.

On Tuesday early morning, an Office spokesperson stated: “We make no apology for attempting to safeguard the public from major, consistent and violent foreign national wrongdoers.

“The court ruling does not apply to all of the foreign national offenders due to be deported and we are therefore proceeding with the flight.”

The case has actually provoked upset responses, coming at a time when the Windrush scandal is still fresh in everybody’s memory. 

Labour Celebration Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott stated a few of the detainees showed up in the UK as children and “have no memory” of Jamaica.

A report commissioned by the Office, which was leaked in 2015, apparently encouraged the federal government to think about ending the deportation of foreign-born wrongdoers who showed up in the UK as children.

Earlier reports stated 56 individuals would be deported, however a smaller sized number left early on Tuesday, leading some to think the federal government had actually appreciated the court order.

In an interview with Sky News on Tuesday as he safeguarded the relocation, Chancellor Sajid Javid stated he did not understand the precise variety of individuals deported, “but I think it’s around 20, above 20.”

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba, reporting from London, stated: “We do not precisely understand who has actually gone and who is here.

“We have spoken to one detainee who came under that court order on Monday night, who says he is very depressed. He has been in and out of detention because of his immigration status after serving 15 months in jail for a drugs offence, which he committed when he was 17 years old. He is saying he’s not a danger to British society, and more than that he has no family to go back to in Jamaica.”

“He is very worried if he does get put on a flight, he will be destitute when he gets there.”

#Jamaica50 shows the destructive effect the UK’s typically racist and limiting migration laws have on individuals – laws that are made possible by the constant and dehumanising framing of migration as a problem that requires to be ‘managed’

—– Maya Goodfellow (@MayaGoodfellow) February 11, 2020

He added: “There is no connection between the Windrush generation and this flight … every single person on the flight is a foreign national offender, they are not British, they are not members of the Windrush generation and they are all guilty of serious crimes, of receiving custodial sentences of at least 12 months.”

Bella Sankey, of Detention Action, stated the campaign group thought that a few of individuals who were due for deportation were not on the flight since they were covered by the court order.

She tweeted: “We understand that some, possibly all, of these individuals may have been ultimately removed from the flight but we are currently trying to clarify this.”

Previously, Sankey stated eliminating those detainees covered by the order would have implied the Office was breaking the law.

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