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UK Retail Sales Fall More Than Expected … in drop of 1.4% in September

Official data released on Friday showed UK retail sales fell 1.4% month-on-month in September.

A Reuters poll of economists indicated a 0.5% decline.

UK retail sales fell the most in eight months to August, as the worsening of the cost of living crisis and the erosion of confidence forced consumers to cut back on spending.

Britain is facing a financial crisis, which could worsen further after the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Terrace, which came just six weeks after becoming prime minister.

The UK Treasury has confirmed that the mini-financial plan will remain in effective until the end of the month, despite Terrace’s resignation.

Terrace had announced his resignation and would hold elections next week to choose his successor, after facing one setback after another, leading to the resignation of the interior minister and the latest tumultuous session. in Parliament.

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