Ukraine Announces Its Embassies Have Received Parcels Containing ‘Animal Eyes’

Several Ukrainian diplomatic missions in the European Union have received parcels containing animal eyes, as part of what Kiev described on Friday as a “carefully planned campaign of intimidation”.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s announcement came after a security guard at the Kiev embassy in Madrid was slightly injured on Wednesday when he opened an explosive letter addressed to the ambassador via mail, prompting Kiev to step up security measures in its diplomatic missions.

Ukrainian embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy and Austria, as well as consulates in Naples, Krakow and the Czech city of Brno, have received “bloody” parcels, according to Kyiv Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nkolenko.

He explained that the packages “contained animal eyes” and were soaked in a liquid of a specific color, apparently referring to blood.

“We have reason to believe that there is a carefully planned campaign of intimidation and harassment against Ukrainian embassies and consulates,” he said. in a note the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

But he stressed that it would not be easy to intimidate the Ukrainian authorities.

“We continue to work in effective way to achieve victory for Ukraine,” he added.

A spokesman for the Spanish police, in turn, confirmed that a “suspicious” package had been sent to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, but did not specify its contents.

He added that authorities were conducting “further analysis”.

In the Czech Republic, police announced on Twitter that a package sent to the Ukrainian consulate in Brno contained “animal tissue”, adding that it would be subject to “thorough analysis”.

In Warsaw, a package was reported to the police of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission on Thursday.

“We quickly ruled out any danger,” police spokesman Sylvester Marjak told AFP, refusing to reveal the contents of the package.

An AFP correspondent in The Hague saw a police vehicle parked near the Ukrainian embassy on Friday afternoon, but an embassy employee declined to comment.

For its part, Kiev has called on foreign governments to “guarantee” the security of its diplomatic missions.