Ukraine confirms: we have sufficient grain stocks to feed the population

Ukraine’s Deputy Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotsky confirmed that his country has a large stock of grain in the lands it still controls to feed the population. in these areas and also has sufficient fuel to meet the daily needs of farmers.

Ukraine said last month that Russian forces had stolen “hundreds of thousands of tons” of grain in the Ukrainian regions it occupied after the invasion began on February 24 and that this could affect the food security of the local population. , but the Kremlin has denied the allegations.

“We currently have about 25 million tons of wheat and semi oily in stocks, if we talk about the temporarily occupied territories, there are about 1.3 million tons of grain, “Vysotsky said Thursday.

“In terms of providing food to all 40 million Ukrainians, we have sufficient reserves in the territories under our control,” he added.

He said Ukraine stepped up its grain exports using alternative routes in April, after Russia closed its Black Sea ports, and that it plans to increase grain exports in May.

Analysis firm APK-Inform said this week that Ukraine’s grain exports fell to around 923,000 tons in April from 2.8 million tons in the same month in 2021 due to the war.

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