Ukraine..Erbin is offline and mired in darkness

The Al-Arabiya correspondent reported today, Friday, that the main power plant in the Erbin region, north of Kiev, was hit, which led to a complete power outage and the internet service was cut due to of the continuous Russian attacks.

A senior official confirmed Thursday that Kiev and four other regions may have to cut off electricity supplies for a longer period than expected after the Russian strikes.

Zelensky in the dark

While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in the dark, next to the wreck of a drone that had been shot down by his forces, to deliver his nightly video speech.

In his speech, Zelensky felt that large-scale Russian attacks on power plants “will not affect the morale of the Ukrainian people.”

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Target energy infrastructure

Russian forces have fired dozens of missiles and drones on the Ukrainian power grid in the past two weeks, causing massive damage and power outages. in hundreds of cities, Reuters reported.
Interestingly, the Ukrainian presidency announced last week that the Russian bombing, in one week, it destroyed 30% of the country’s power plants, causing a “massive” power outage in various regions.

Meanwhile, Russian forces have intensified their missile attacks on Ukrainian territory in the recent period, after Kiev launched a counterattack, especially in the cities of the south and north-east of the country, to recover them from the grip of the Russians.

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