Ukraine mobilizes to liberate Kherson … and Washington is considering equipping it with air defense equipment

In a moment in Russia is preparing to prevent the Ukrainian army from liberating Kherson, the first regional city it occupied during the invasion, a US official announced that Washington is considering providing Ukraine with Hawk air defense equipment and missiles interceptors.

Russian S-300 missiles repeatedly hit the city of Kobyansk, a major transportation hub, after Ukrainian forces retook it in late September.

Officials appointed by Russia in Kherson said they will form regional units, as Ukraine tries to regain control of the regional capital before the onset of winter.

In this context, the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrived in Ukraine in surprise visit, saying he wants to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This travel in Ukraine is Steinmeier’s first since the Russian military operation on February 24.

Rebuilding Ukraine

The war had destroyed or damaged about 120,000 homes and 16,000 apartment buildings by the end of September, according to Kyiv School of Economics, which estimated the total physical damage at $ 127 billion.

On Monday, the World Bank announced it had provided an additional $ 500 million to help Ukraine meet the urgent spending needs caused by the February 24 Russian invasion and war. in course on its soil.

This came on the eve of a conference in Berlin today, Tuesday, during which world leaders, development experts and executives will discuss how to rebuild Ukraine after the Russian invasion, which is now in its ninth month.

“The Russian invasion continues to cause extensive damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure – including water, sewage and electricity networks – as winter approaches, putting the Ukrainian people further at risk,” he said. in a note from the president of the World Bank Group David Malpass.

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The World Bank raised a total of $ 13 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine. The World Bank, the Ukrainian government and the European Commission have declared in a September report that the Russian invasion caused more than $ 97 billion in direct damage to Ukraine as of June 1, but reconstruction could cost nearly $ 350 billion.

Demonstrations of Iran

On Monday, the Ukrainian president announced that Russia had requested to provide “some 2,000” Iranian drones in support of its bombing campaign. in Ukraine, which mainly targets electricity generation plants.

He said during a conference organized by the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz”, “According to our intelligence, Russia has asked to provide it with about 2,000 Iranian Shahid drones,” according to reports from Agence France-Presse.

He criticized the neutrality to which Israel has adhered since Russia invaded his country, which, in his opinion, has allowed for the establishment of an alliance between Moscow and Tehran, especially by providing the Russian military with Iranian drones. He added: “This alliance simply would not have happened if your politicians had made a decision in that moment, the decision we asked for, “referring to Kiev’s request for Israel’s support vis-a-vis Russia.

On the ground, the Ukrainian army announced Monday that it had expelled Russian forces from four villages in the north-east of the country, where it managed, by launching a counterattack, to regain control of thousands of square kilometers in September.

“Thanks to the success of the operations, our forces drove the enemy out of the villages of Karmazinevka, Myasoyarivka and Nevsky in the Lugansk region and Novosadovi in ​​the Donetsk region,” the Ukrainian general staff wrote on Facebook.

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