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Ukraine recaptures 4 villages and forces Russian forces to withdraw

The Ukrainian army announced on Monday that it had expelled Russian forces from four villages in the north-east of the country, where it managed, by launching a counterattack, to regain control of thousands of square kilometers in September.

“Thanks to the success of the operations, our forces drove the enemy out of the villages of Karmazinevka, Myasoyarivka and Nevsky in the Lugansk region and Novosadovi in ​​the Donetsk region,” the Ukrainian general staff wrote on Facebook.


Interestingly, Russia is currently facing a large-scale Ukrainian counterattack in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Donbass.

He also denounced a “significant increase” in Ukrainian bombing of several border regions with Russia, including Belgorod, but also Kursk and Bryansk.

Two lines of defense have been established in Russia’s Kursk region, bordering Ukraine, to counter a possible attack by Ukrainian forces, the region’s governor Roman Starovit announced on Sunday.

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Evacuation to Cherson

“The construction of two fortified defense lines in the Kursk region was completed this week,” Starovit wrote on Telegram, noting that a third line of defense would be built by November 5. “We are ready to face any attack on our lands,” he stressed.

In the meantime, they are in evacuations on the left bank of the Dnieper River, on the border of Kherson, have been going on since Wednesday, in this city threatened by the advance of Kiev’s forces.

Kherson was the first major city captured by Russian forces at the start of their offensive, launched on February 24.

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