Ukraine Receives $1.25 Billion Grant from US Treasury Department for Budget Expenditures

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Receives $1.25 Billion Grant from US

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has confirmed receipt of a US $1.25 billion grant.

Funds for Budget Expenditures

The Ukrainian ministry indicated that the funds will be used to cover budget expenditures, in particular for the payment of wages and social pensions.

Total Financial Support from US in 2023

The Treasury Department added that it received a total of $6 billion in financial support from the US in 2023.

IMF Considers Second Tranche Loan

In this regard, the International Monetary Fund announced on Tuesday that its Board of Executive Directors will consider providing Ukraine with a second tranche of a $900 million loan under the Extended Borrowing Facility agreed in March last year.

Source: TASS

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