Ukraine receives first temporary storage for 2022 wheat harvest

Ukraine, which is facing a shortage of storage facilities for the 2022 wheat harvest due to the Russian invasion, will soon receive its first temporary storage from abroad, the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture said Monday.

The Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture had said in earlier to Reuters that by the end of the autumn corn harvest, the shortage of storage capacity will reach 15 million tons.

The ministry said it “appealed to the governments of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union to provide Ukraine with temporary storage facilities. The preliminary results are: the first batch is already sailing for Ukraine”.

The ministry did not specify the nature of the storage facilities Ukraine will acquire. Previously, the ministry said they could be special large plastic containers or temporary silos.

Ukraine claims that its wheat crop is semi oil could drop to 65 million tons questyear of 106 million tons in 2021 due to the Russian invasion.

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