Ukraine retaliates to Russian aggression, taking down 40 aerial targets

Ukraine Destroys Over 40 Aerial Targets Targeting Capital

Kiev Responds to Russian Attack

Ukraine announced on Monday it had destroyed more than 40 aerial targets attempting to target the capital, Kiev. Ukraine has confirmed it has responded to a Russian attack using gears and missiles.

Air Defense System Activated in Ukrainian Capital

The mayor of Kiev referred to the activation of air defense systems in the Ukrainian capital, after speaking of explosions in the Ukrainian capital.

West and Russia Tensions Escalate

On Sunday, Russia warned that the West was “playing with fire” over its supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described plans by Western countries to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters as an unacceptable escalation.

Lavrov said in a press interview on Sunday: “Of course, this is an unacceptable escalation, and I believe there are still reasonable people in West who are aware of it, but who dictate everything are Washington and London and their followers within the European Union, in first the Baltic States and Poland, fulfilling the task.” set by the United States, directly on the ground, weakening Russia and inflicting a strategic defeat on it.

Belarus Deploys Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons

And a senior official in Belarus announced on Sunday that Western countries have left its country with no choice but to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons, indicating that it is best for these countries not to “cross the red lines” regarding some important strategic issues. Alexander Volfovich, Secretary of the Security Council in Belarus, said it made sense to withdraw the weapons after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, when the United States provided security guarantees and did not impose sanctions.

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