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Ukraine warns: it will take years to remove the unexploded ordnance

While the Russian military operation in Ukraine enters its 24th day, Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky warned of unexploded real ammunition in all over the country.

He believed that this ammunition posed a serious threat to civilians.

‘real threat’

He also explained in an interview with “The Associated Press”, today, Saturday, that “there is a large number of bullets and mines in various regions of the country, most of which have not exploded, and which represent a real threat “.

Furthermore, he stressed that finding and removing them would take years, not months, stressing that his country will need Western help to carry out this huge task after the war.

“We will not be in able to remove mines from all lands, so I asked our international partners and our colleagues from the European Union and the United States to prepare expert groups to remove mines from combat areas and bombed structures, “He has said.

He also explained that his ministry’s demining equipment was left in the coastal city of Mariupol (south-east of the country), which has been the subject of incessant Russian bombing in recent weeks. “We lost 200 pieces of equipment there,” he said.

bombing fires

He also noted that one of the biggest challenges facing the Interior Ministry is fighting fires caused by Russia’s relentless bombing and airstrikes.

He added that the country’s emergency service, which is overseen by the ministry, is facing a severe shortage of personnel and equipment.

Interestingly, the Russian military operation, launched on February 24, caused a lot of material damage in major cities, in particularly Mariupol, which was almost completely destroyed, according to reports in precedence by the Ukrainian authorities.

It also caused damage to other cities, in the south and east of the country, as well as to the capital, Kiev, and its surroundings, where shells and missiles were dropped. Several video clips released on social media and on international news agencies they also showed that some of them did not explode, which, like in all wars, poses a deadly threat to civilians.

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