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Ukraine: We are working with allies to create an “integrated” air defense system.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced on Wednesday that Kiev is working with international allies to build an “integrated and coordinated” air defense system.

Reznikov did not provide any other details in a tweet the day after Russia launched airstrikes in Ukraine, but said “protecting the Ukrainian skies” would be a priority with a scheduled meeting with allies in Germany.

He also added: “We are working with our partners to establish an integrated and coordinated air defense system. We are preparing for winter on the battlefield,” according to Reuters.

About 100 missiles

Interestingly, a Ukrainian Air Force spokesman announced on Tuesday that Russia had fired “around” 100 missiles at its country, hitting a number of key energy infrastructures. in different regions.

“About 100 missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea, the (Russian) Rostov region” and also “from the Black Sea,” said Yuri Ignat in an interview in directed to Ukrainian television, explaining that “in this stage, the use of rotten offensive missiles has not yet been recorded.”

While the strikes have led to a generalized blackout in Ukraine, whose repercussions reached Moldova.

Painful blow

Interestingly, these Russian rocket attacks occurred as fighting continues in the east between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

It also came just days after the withdrawal from Kherson to the south, dealing a major blow to Russian forces, especially as that city was the first major Ukrainian region to fall into Russian hands.

However, despite Ukrainian progress southward, many observers do not see further progress coming easy for Kiev, considering the status quo or stagnation on the fronts could continue for months.

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