Ukraine welcomes the continuation of talks with Russia in February

On Thursday, Ukraine welcomed Russia’s plans to continue talks in early February, considering the issue “good news” and an indication that Moscow is determined to find a diplomatic solution to the existing crisis.

International fears of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine are growing, after it has amassed tens of thousands of Russian soldiers on the border in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, senior Russian and Ukrainian officials met in Paris with representatives from France and Germany.

“The good news is that the councilors have agreed to hold a meeting in Berlin within two weeks,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Copenhagen told reporters today, noting that “this means at least for the next two weeks. , Russia is likely to stay on via diplomatic “.

He noted that although there have been “no significant changes” since the meeting on Wednesday, “the agreement to continue the talks is a good thing.”

“Although I am a staunch supporter of the soft power, I’m afraid it’s time to use hard power”, he added.” A strong Ukraine is in itself the best deterrent, “he stressed.

He also commended the US administration for “consulting us before talking to the Russians”. But he stressed that Kiev “will not allow any party, not even our friends, to impose concessions on us”, stressing that Russia must make concessions.

As Kuleba said, in a tacit denunciation from Germany, which refused to supply arms to Ukraine, “Any country can do something if it has the political will to do it. When it doesn’t, it finds excuses for doing nothing.”

This comes when Denmark announced an $ 83 million aid package to Ukraine between 2022 and 2026 on Thursday.

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