Ukrainian Forces Resort to Familiar Tactics as Bakhmut Endures Siege

As the Russian noose tightened around the city of Bakhmut, Dsk in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces surrounded by Wagner’s Russian forces began blowing up bridges.

Agency/Al-Hadath correspondent confirmed that Ukrainian forces blew it up in air a railway bridge over the Bakhmutka River, near the highway connecting Bakhmut to the city of Chasov Yar.

Note that this road (seven miles west of Bakhmut) is the last major supply line for Ukrainian forces in and around Bakhmut.

The widely circulated videos on social media show Ukrainian forces planting explosives on railway bridge in metal of the city, with images showing similar damage to many other bridges.

In turn, a Wagner fighter, who played a leading role in the attack on Bakhmut, confirmed to the RIA Novosti news agency that Ukrainian forces blew up in bridges leading to the city center.

Bridge bombing stunt

And the Ukrainian forces deliberately, in several posts during the war, which began on February 24, to “deceive” the bombing of bridges for advancing Russian forces.

This method was used in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine in May of last year 2022.

It was also adopted before tale date, in March, in order to hinder the attempts of the Russian army to advance towards the capital, Kiev.

Wagner and the street of orphans

These developments came after Wagner President Yevgeny Prigozhin appeared in a video posted by his press office on the Telegram application, wearing military overalls, announced that “his forces have practically surrounded Bakhmut, and there is only one way left” to get out of the city, calling on the Ukrainian president who has pledged to defend About Bakhmut “as long as possible” to retire.

And the Ukrainian military leadership acknowledged on Tuesday that the situation was “very tense” in Bakhmut, but remained yesterday in silent and did not release any updates on what is happening in Bakhmut on Friday, and only indicated that the army has repulsed 85 Russian attacks across the entire front during the past twenty-four hours.

Interestingly, the fierce and bloody battle in the strategically important industrial city of Bakhmut is in course since last summer and resulted in great destruction and heavy casualties on both sides.

What transformed that city in a symbol of conflict with the focus of fighting between Russians and Ukrainians for months, with Russian forces advancing into the northern and southern sides of Bakhmut and cutting off three of Ukraine’s four main supply routes, making it increasingly weak the position of the Kiev forces.