Ukrainian minister: extend the agreement on the export of grain from the Black Sea by 120 days

Turkey has confirmed the extension of the Black Sea wheat export agreement, according to the current terms.

Ukraine’s infrastructure minister said on Thursday that the Black Sea grain export deal reached in July would be extended by 120 days.

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And the export of Ukrainian grain, or the so-called Black Sea Initiative, is an agreement between Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, led by the United Nations, signed on July 22, 2022, with the aim of returning the volume of Ukrainian grain exports to pre-war level, i.e. exporting 5 million tons per month. The agreement included several articles signed by the four parties.

Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov did not provide further details. His comments cannot be confirmed immediately in independently, according to Reuters.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 led to the closure of Ukrainian ports and caused 20 million tons of grain to get stuck in silos, which led to a rise in global grain prices.

The July deal helped avert a global food crisis by allowing the export of food and fertilizers from several Ukrainian Black Sea ports that Russia has closed.

“The grain export initiative will be extended for 120 days,” he wrote on Twitter, describing it as “another important step in the global fight against the (global) food crisis.”

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