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Ukrainian negotiator: there is no agreement on a meeting between Zelensky and Putin


Ukrainian chief negotiator said on Wednesday that no agreement has been reached on a meeting between Ukrainian presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian Vladimir Putin to discuss the war in Ukraine despite Turkey’s efforts to organize such talks.

“The date of the meeting of the presidents of the two countries and the context of the meeting have not yet been determined,” said Mikhailo Podolek.

He also noted the increase in hostilities in eastern Ukraine and Russian attempts to “completely destroy” the southern city of Mariupol.

Pudolik’s comments came the day after Russian President Vladimir Putin assured UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Moscow that he still had “hope” in talks with Ukraine to end the war between the two countries.

“Although the military operation continues, we still hope to be able to achieve a positive outcome” from the negotiations, Putin added to Guterres.

Putin said efforts in talks with Ukraine were hampered by allegations of Kiev atrocities in the city of Bucha near Kiev.

He continued: “There was a provocation in the village of Bucha that the Russian army had nothing to do with. We know who was behind this provocation, by what means it happened and what kind of people participated in it.” .

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Tuesday that Putin has shown “no seriousness” about ending the war. in Ukraine in diplomatic way, despite a series of international efforts in this sense.

“So far we have seen no indication that President Putin is serious about meaningful negotiations,” Blinken told the Senate International Relations Committee.

Although the US can support Ukrainian efforts to end the war diplomatically, Blinken said, “Our goal is to ensure that they have the ability to repel Russian aggression and, of course, strengthen their hand at a potential negotiating table.” .

In a related context, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that Moscow supports the negotiations pace with Ukraine.

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