Ukrainian official: Russia used nuclear-capable missiles against Kiev

Ukraine’s military has said Russia is now using nuclear missiles with non-nuclear warheads to deplete Ukraine’s air defenses. It showed fragments of Soviet-made X-55 cruise missiles – designed for nuclear use – located in the two western regions of Ukraine.

A Ukrainian official said the missiles were fired “to deplete and exhaust our country’s air defense system”. He said i test conducted on the fragments showed no abnormal levels of radioactivity, according to the British “BBC”.

Ukrainian military experts say Russia may have significantly depleted its massive missile arsenal after carrying out waves of massive attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in recent weeks. A British intelligence report in November came to similar conclusions.

At a news conference Thursday in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, military official Mykola Danylyuk showed reporters what he described as fragments of an X-55 cruise missile (known as AS-15 by NATO) that was found in the regions of Lviv and Khmelnytskyi.

He said the bullets were designed in Soviet times to strike “strategic targets with predetermined coordinates”.

The UK said the missiles were designed “solely as a nuclear delivery system”. However, the Russian military is believed to have removed the nuclear warheads from missiles fired at Ukraine.

Daniljuk stressed that even a missile armed with a non-explosive warhead “presents a great danger” due to its kinetic energy and fuel residues. This is evidenced by the last shot, when an X-55 missile hit a residential building. He added that i test they indicated that “the missile made no contact with nuclear elements”.

In other developments, US President Joe Biden said he was “ready” to talk to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if he showed interest in ending the war, but added that the Russian president “hasn’t yet “.

Moscow said the German parliament’s move on Wednesday to recognize the mass starvation of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s as genocide was an attempt to “demonise” Russia.

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