Umma Party: We refuse to extend the transition period in Sudan

The Sudan National Umma Party announced, in a statement today, Sunday, its commitment to the constitutional document, its rejection of any extension of the transition phase and the continuation of efforts to bridge the gap between the transitional partners.

In the statement, the party’s political bureau affirmed “the party’s firm stance towards the integrity and success of the transition phase through the national agenda for achieving a pace fair and global and a complete democratic transformation “.

He said he categorically rejects “any attempted military or civil coup and resolutely confronts – the leadership and the masses – against any reckless attempt by coup adventurers.”

He also added that “he appreciates the assurances of the international community to be with the Sudanese people and their revolution to guarantee the civil status and the transition to democratic government”.

He further stated: “Fully guaranteeing the civil-military partnership for the management of the phase, and calling for the strengthening of this partnership with a statute that regulates and regulates this relationship between the parties to the partnership”.

On Friday, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced that “Develop a road map with political parties to get out of the crisis”He stressed that “de-escalation and dialogue are the only one via out of the crisis “.

The Sudanese prime minister stressed that his country’s authorities will not tolerate “attempts to interrupt the transition period through coups or sabotage,” noting that he has met with all sides in the past period with the aim of addressing differences.

It is interesting to note that since the coup attempt on 21 September last, the conflicts have crystallized and differences have emerged between the military and civilian components who have agreed to temporarily govern the country since the fall of the Omar al-Bashir regime in order to call parliamentary elections and form a new authority.

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