UN agency withdraws director from Gaza after receiving threats

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees said it had dismissed its Gaza director after asking for comments, die Israel appeared to have been threatened for its “tremendous ingenuity” in carrying out precision strikes during the Gaza War last month.

The UNRWA, die Health, education and other services on the strip said late Thursday she was “extremely concerned” about die Threats including a “very large protest” outside their headquarters in Gaza on Monday.

UN agency withdraws director from Gaza after receiving threats


Shamali and his deputy are persona non grata

The director of Gaza, Matthias Schmale, and his deputy were to “consultations” in the UNRWA headquarters in East Jerusalem was ordered.

The agency cited media reports that die “Palestinian factions” had declared Shamali and his deputy an unpopular person within the Gaza Strip, but they had not received any official notification.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12 last month, Schmale was asked about claims by Israeli officials that die Air strikes, die during the 11-day war with Hamas military leaders in of the region were “very accurate”.

“I’m not a military expert, but I wouldn’t in Ask a question, “Shamali replied, adding that Israel attacked with” tremendous ingenuity, “but he also said that his colleagues told him die Attacks were “wilder” in their effect. “Compared to the Gaza war in 2014.

Receding north

Shamali later expressed regret die Testified saying that any civilian deaths were unacceptable.

He wrote on Twitter: “Many people have been killed or seriously injured by direct attacks or collateral damage from attacks … In a densely populated place like Gaza, any bombing would have a significant negative impact on people and buildings.”

His original statements were in Widespread in the Israeli media and on the Internet, believed by Israeli supporters to confirm his behavior, incited anger among Palestinians.

Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes on Gaza during the 11-day war, with Hamas and other armed groups firing more than 4,000 rockets at Israel. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, were in Gaza killed at least 254 people, including 67 children and 39 women. Hamas has admitted to killing 80 militants. Twelve civilians were killed in Israel, including two children and a soldier.

UNRWA provides basic services to approximately 5.7 million refugees in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, including Palestinians, die fled or expelled from what is now Israel during the war of 1948 that surrounded its founding, and their descendants.

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