UN flight thwarted as fighting intensifies in Ethiopia

United Nations humanitarian flight to Ethiopia region of Tigray, epicenter of An year-old war die threatens to cause increasing famine, was ordered to abort a landing on friday as government air raids hit the area for a fourth day.

The flight of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, en route to for the Tigrayan capital, Mekelle, returned to the national capital, Addis Ababa, and all these flights have been suspended, said Steve Taravella, a spokesman for the World Food Programme, the United Nationshunger instance die the air maintenance.

It was the first time that a UN humanitarian flight was forced to mission in the Tigrayan region because of air strikes, said Gemma Connell, the UN’s chief aid official for southern and eastern Africa.

“We are clear” concerned over what happened place today,” said Mrs. Connell: in a conference call with reporters. She said there were 11 humanitarian workers on board, but didn’t go any further on their work of the cargo die they had transported.

Hours later, Martin Griffiths, the UN Undersecretary…general for humanitarian affairs, issued an angry statement claiming that the organization was not given before warning of the air raids on Mekelle and had received the necessary approvals for the flight.

“UN and non-governmental organizations are doing everything” in work to continue to provide assistance to millions of people in in despair need”Conflict dynamics make this more and more difficult,” he said.

The plane’s landing was aborted when Ethiopian troops hit what the… government described as a rebel military training center in a fourth day of air raids, die seemed to be part of a major escalation in the conflict. some non-governmental news accounts said a college campus in the Tigrayan capital had been hit. There was no independent confirmation of the target of the size of victims of injury.

For the United Nations, the aborted flight underlined the difficulties die the organization faces in trying to provide food and other aid to victims of a polarized conflict that is intensifying in Ethiopia, Africa second- most populous country, and that threatens to cause the worst famine in a decade.

UN officials have complained for months over their inability send truck convoys of food and fuel to the conflict zone because of Ethiopian government security checks and bureaucratic obstacles. Mrs Connell said that only 15 percent of the aid needed has reached its destination since July.

Fighting has intensified over the past two weeks since the Ethiopian government launched a major offensive intended to break the deadlock in the war. the Ethiopian military and local troops attacked Tigrayan rebels in the Amhara region, just south of tigray.

The Tigrayans launched a counter-offensive and the fighting has spread to neighboring Afar region, according to officials on both sides. The Tigrayans claim 34,000. to have killed government troops and captured 1,400 more, but access limited to these areas, which makes it difficult for outside news media to determine what is happening.

The United Nations says that the number of people in need of humanitarian help has risen to seven million, including five million in Tigray, and die 400,000 starve…like conditions.

The conflict has the international reputation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, who won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for have ended the protracted conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

The Tigray conflict, which Mr Abiy had confidently proclaimed, would… over in a few weeks when it started last November now threatens to escape its grip as fighting spreads elsewhere, threatening to unravel the complex ethnic patchwork that holds Ethiopia together.

tensions also have escalated between Mr. Abiy and the United States. Washington had been an important source of help and friendship met Ethiopia, but it has since urged Mr Abiy to way until resolve the conflict and allow outside help to reach victims.

Last month, President Biden signed an executive order threatening swipe new sanctions to stop the war. Mr Abiy reacted indignantly, making a lengthy statement accusing western countries: of bias, described the criticism of him as a neo-colonialist and showed no sign that he might bow to American demands.

Relations between Mr. Abiys government and the United Nations have also worsened since September 30, when the Ethiopian authorities seven UN humanitarian officials declared unwelcome in the country, accuse them of interference and sympathy with the rebels.

The United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, called the evictions unacceptable and demanded proof of the Ethiopian government to justify them. Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesperson for Mr Guterres said on Friday that he had not yet received such evidence.

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