UN seats denied, for Now to the Afghan Taliban and the Myanmar Junta

An offer from the new Taliban government in Afghanistan and the junta die Myanmar rule to win international recognition took a hit on Wednesday when the United Nations off An decision on the rightful representatives of both countries.

The postponement by a powerful UN committee effectively denied, for now and possibly by many of 2022, attempts by the ruling authorities of Afghanistan and Myanmar, die widely regarded as pariahs, for seats in occupy the United Nations.

The Committee for Credentials of Nine Countries of the general Assembly, die responsible for approval of the diplomatic mission of each UN member state, held a closed meeting on the applications of the Taliban and the Myanmar junta to replace the ambassadors of the governments die they had dropped off.

Afterwards, the chairman of the committee, ambassador Anna Karin Eneström ., said of Sweden, told reporters that the panel “postpone it” decision of the credentials in these two situations.”

The United States and many other countries in the 193 members organization, by with a wide range of human rights organisations, have denounced the repressive actions of the Taliban and the Myanmar military, known as the Tatmadaw.

The Taliban, known for his strict interpretation of Sharia Law and Harsh Treatment of women, in seized control of Afghanistan in Augustus, overthrowing the US-backed government after two decades of war and American-led occupation. The Tatmadaw overthrew the citizen government in a coup last February and imprisoned its leaders, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate.

Diplomats said the commission would recommend the postponement in to submit a report to the General Assembly next week.

That could mean the question of who represents both Afghanistan and Myanmar at the United Nations can not be resolved before the next annual meeting of the General Assembly in Sep 2022.

Many diplomats had expected a postponement advice, causing trade to be postponed with a delicate riddle for the United Nations: Both the Taliban and the Tatmadaw may be widely regarded as odious, but each claims the legitimate national Authority in their countries.

Some Taliban leaders are on UN Sanctions Lists. A lot of powerful UN members, including Russia and the United States, have said the militant group should be judged by his deeds before anyone decision on recognition.

Myanmar’s junta presents its own clumsiness for the United Nations; the general Assembly, in an unusual one vote this past June, condemned the coup and the junta’s crackdown on democracy protesters.

Richard Gowan, United Nations director at the International Crisis Group, the commission’s postponement said: on the Taliban and Myanmar’s junta would “make it harder” for both to establish themselves and legitimate governments” in abroad, but that “ultimately both are targeted” on to secure power Bee home.”

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