Unbelievable! GTA 6 rumored to allow players to earn Bitcoin or cryptocurrency while gaming!

Where did the rumor of a GTA 6 come from? Play to earn boosted to crypto?

The Origin of the Rumor

The news that the next GTA would incorporate a mechanic of play-to-earn based on crypto is not new…

To understand what this is about, know that ‘A play-to-earn is a game whose gameplay exploits the blockchainthe technology behind cryptocurrencies. This recent model consists of rewarding players with cryptocurrency or redeemable NFTs in exchange for their time spent in the game.

Presumably, this rumor of a “GTA 6 play to earn”seems to have emerged in June 2021 following a tweet by Tom Hendersona recognized editor in the world of video games:

In this tweet, it was explicitly suggested that by performing missions on the next Rockstar title, the player would receive rewards in Bitcoin (BTC) or in cryptocurrency.

These rumors had not been denied by the franchise but they had gradually sunk into limbo, like all the pseudo leaks of the most anticipated game of the decade.

The Rumor Resurfaces

However, the media again gave importance to this rumor for a simple reason: a single tweet published on May 25th.

In effect, no new element really enlightens us on the possibility of seeing this type of functionality on the next opus of Rockstar. The tweet only echoes rumors that came out a few years earlier, as indicated son author in the comments of the publication.

Moreover, the tweet was even pinned on the network social by readers with the following mention:

Cryptos in GTA 6, but in Another Form

The track of a GTA 6 powered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs seems unlikely since Rockstar has already taken measures to ban them on GTA 5. Through the update of its policy in November 2022, the studio had categorically prohibited “the use of active cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies (e.g. NFTs)” on RP servers.

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