UNC General Sam Howell focuses on different heels record in 2020

North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell arrived earlier than expected.

He broke the real FBS record with 35 passing touchdowns; a set to add to Friday’s fight against the Temple in the Military Cup. This was part of a passing season of 3,347 yards that saw him move his heels in the first place after 2016. A win over the Owls would give Mack Brown a winning season to reach 2020.

Howell sees adjusting the bowl as an opportunity to take advantage of these high goals.

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“We look forward to winning every game,” Howell told Sporting News. “This is how your mindset should be when you are at this level.” We want to take over (Coast Coast Division). Offshore … and be in it every year … and compete for an ACC Championship. “

Howell stops between these last three sentences as if reading a development – but it’s not just a line. Howell has the confidence needed to walk the line between confidence and arrogance. That’s a big reason why North Carolina was a two-point conversion away from beating Clemson to a 21-20 on September 28, 2019.

“We always talk that we can play with anyone in the country,” Howell said. “In fact, going out and doing it was completely different, just getting out there gave us confidence, if we can play with the so-called best team in the country, then we can play with anyone, it gave us confidence for the second half of the season. “

Howell had 24 passdowns and just five interceptions in the next seven games and finished the season with 401 yards and three touchdowns 41-10 against his N.C. opponent. He has an unusual Polish which implies that there is more to him than numbers. He is another ACC star in the making.

Deshaun Watson led this transformation to Clemson. Lamar Jackson did the same thing in Louisville. Could Howell be the next big player?

Take the view from an opposing coach. Pitt beat North Carolina 34-27 in overtime, but Panthers coach Pat Narduzzi was impressed with the newcomer, who finished with 322 yards and three touchdowns despite receiving five sacks.

“He’s a guy who can go through his advances and go from one side of the field to the other,” Narduzzi told SN. “In our game, we got his first reading, but you don’t see a lot of guys that can go from one side of the field to the other and connect. That was the best QB we’ve played since (Mitchell) Trubisky.”

Trubisky spent 3,748 yards, 30 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2016, his only year as a Carolina freshman before the Chicago Bears drafted him with the No 2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Howell made a more direct impact on North Carolina after threw out of the state of Florida and entered Brown last winter.

However, Brown was not even there when the conversion to team leader in the summer training led by the player began.

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“When I came back from the summer, the players fought for their work ethic and leadership,” Brown told SN. “Because he is the coach’s son and because mom and dad were athletes, he is in the building all the time with Coach (Phil) Longo wanting to get more knowledge. I would say he is here every day.”

UNC General Sam Howell embraces father Duke Howell after Tar Heels’ 28 -25 vs. Miami.https: / / ims / .jpg = t = 613247207 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Howell’s father, Duke, fought in the Appalachian state where he met Sam’s mother, Amy, a volleyball player. Duke was also Sam’s offensive coordinator at Sun Valley High School (Monroe, N.C.). However, Sam’s attitude changed when he met Longo. The game preparation routine in the movie theater yielded. This took Howell’s game to the next level.

“I’m proud of the preparation I put into the game,” Howell said. “I try to have all the answers until you get there on Saturday, I try to answer for all that the defense could do and also have some really good players around me.”

Howell said the program learned of the close losses, including a 43-41 six-hour overtime with Virginia Tech. North Carolina’s six losses totaled seven points or less, but Brown says Howell’s game was limited due to ankle and shoulder injuries this season.

“In those thirds and fours all falling out of there and locked in to cover up the man, he could easily run for a first down and we couldn’t do any of that,” Brown said. “He has all this in front of him.

“I can’t imagine not getting better every day,” he said.

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Brown reports that Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, who has led the Tigers to college football in each of his two seasons at Clemson, is showing where the next season might come from. Tip: Do not look at the numbers.

“Everyone’s talking about sophomore-itis, but I don’t believe in these things,” Brown said. “I feel that sometimes people’s expectations are as high as Trevor Lawrence’s had a great year, but people have stayed out of numbers since last year, which is unfair, every year is different.”

For his part, Howell does not rely on the success of a record.

“These things are very cool,” Howell said of the record touchdown. “I just think about how long college football is playing and no one has done it before. It’s definitely a pretty cool feeling, but it’s not something I’m trying to get at.”

Brown believes Howell will be more than himself, starting with the opportunity to play bowl against Temple. These high goals are not so high when you consider the source.

“His expectations for himself are really, really high,” Brown said of Howell. “He has set a high level that feels like he needs to get there so that we can get there. One of them is to win all the games, he is really frustrated when we don’t win.

“These are not statistics,” Brown added. “It’s not about the best numbers in the country, it just wants to win, and that makes it so special.”

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