Uncover the causes of seismic events in the Gulf of Finland

Experts from the Unified Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that the Federal Seismological Network recorded five seismic events in the Gulf of Finland on October 20-21.

Experts note that these seismic events were caused by human activity throughout the day on October 20 and alternated with breaks from one to nine hours, and on October 21, observation devices recorded only one event.

The representative of the center indicates that there is no complete information to determine the causes of these seismic events.

“These events are most likely man-made, because they are all close to the surface and occurred at a depth of less than a kilometer,” he says.

For his part, senior researcher at the Institute of Geophysics Alexander Gigalin says that what happened in the Gulf of Finland is “a geological and tectonic event associated with the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in September last year.”

Source: linta. Ro