Uncovering a 1300-Year-Old Hole in a Woman’s Skull

Scientists have discovered by examining the skull of a woman who lived 1,300 years ago that it had two holes.

And Arkeonews points out that it became clear to scientists that the skull they found in Castel Trosino, Italy, belongs to a woman who lived 1,300 years ago, who underwent two skull-piercing operations, the last of which was shortly before her death.

And adds, the scientists found no evidence that this woman had a tumor, injury, birth defect or other diseases. Hypotheses that skull piercing is some kind of ritual or associated with legal motives have also not been confirmed.

The researchers were able to figure out how this woman’s diet and life had changed by analyzing one of her teeth.

It should be noted that medieval publications contain a description of the use of the trepanation method of treatment. For the first time, researchers were able to prove that this method was actually used in those centuries.

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