Uncovering the Ancient History of Yoda and Dooku’s Lightsaber Duel

This article previews Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Yoda #4, written by Jody Houser, illustrated by Luke Ross, colored by Nolan Woodard and lettered by Joe Caramagna. It features a main cover by Phil Noto and variant covers by Nick Bradshaw, Rachael Stott and Mateus Manhanini. The comic takes place during Yoda’s time in seclusion on the planet Dagobah as he reflects on his past. In the issue, Yoda recalls teaching young Jedi Initiates at the Jedi Temple, with his guest for the lesson being his former apprentice Count Dooku. The pair decide to hold a demonstration and it is revealed that one of the Jedi Initiates present is Jak’zin. This is the earliest known instance of Yoda and Dooku clashing lightsabers in Star Wars canon.