Uncovering the Jordanian Inspiration Behind ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’

After 5 days of investigations and searches, the Jordanian Directorate of Public Security announced the discovery of the two students, “Ayham and Rashid”, who left their home in Irbid Governorate in northern Jordan and left school to work after reading the book “The Rich Dad and the Poor Dad”.

The spokesman of the media of the Jordanian Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, told Agency that the search and inspection teams in charge of following the search for the two absent minors in the city of Irbid, and through a group criminal investigation, managed to locate and reach them in the Bayader area of ​​the capital, while they are in good health. .

Al-Sartawi confirmed that their statements will be heard and the procedures for handing them over to their families will be started.

Imam of a mosque

And the imam of the Al-Abrar mosque in the Bayader Wadi Al-Seer area in the capital Amman, Mahmoud Mubarak, said he was the one who reported the two missing minors, Ayham and Rashid.

Ayham and Rashid left their parents’ house last Monday, leaving behind a message, in which they rebelled against school education, in looking for work and building capital to invest in so that he worked for them instead of learning to work in a job .

Aversion to school

The story started when Ayham who was a student in a public school specializing in the containment of distinguished students in Jordan, began to resent school and drift away from his duties and classes, which was evident when he received grades for the first semester and his grades were low, in so that the father consoled him by remedying during the next period.

Al-Omari, a resident of the town of Habka in Irbid in the north of the country, told Agency that her son’s behavior was very normal and there was no indication that anything was bothering him from his family, or even his immediate environment, indicating that the decision to excel and study was made for him without pressure from of the family.

An agreement between Ayham and Rashid

Furthermore, the father explained that Ayham did not come home on Monday when he was scheduled to leave school, and called his friend Rashid Al-Sobh’s father to check if Ayham was with him.

After the parents contacted the school, it became clear that they had not gone to school on Tuesday morning, so they immediately went to the security center and an official and documented missing person report was filed with the security services.

Rich dad poor dad book

The book (Rich Dad and Poor Dad) is a book written by American writer Robert Kiyosaki in collaboration with Sharon L. Letcher, who talks about the importance of financial independence and wealth creation by investing, owning and investing in possessions and starting a businessas well as how to develop financial intelligence to improve financial and business performance.

The book was widely circulated worldwide and has been translated into most of the world’s languages, including Arabic.

The writer tells the story of his childhood, divided between the advice of his father, a university professor, symbolized in the book by the title of the poor father, and the advice of his friend Mike, the businessman, symbolized in the book by the title of rich father.