Uncovering the link between the corona virus and Alzheimer’s-like cognitive impairment

A new study conducted by the American Cleveland Clinic revealed die Mechanisms through die “Covid-19” can lead to Alzheimer’s-like cognitive impairment.

The results, die in in the latest edition of the journal Alzheimer Research Therapy, point to an overlap between the coronavirus and common brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease, helping to manage risk and die control therapeutic strategies for disease-related cognitive impairment.

Uncovering the link between the corona virus and Alzheimer’s-like cognitive impairment

The virus directly affects brain cells

“While some studies suggest that the virus infects brain cells directly, others have found no evidence of the virus in the brain,” says Feixiung Zheng, a researcher at the institute of Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine and lead author of the study.

“Determining the link between COVID-19 and neurological problems is critical to die Development of effective preventive and therapeutic strategies to counter the sudden increase in neurocognitive impairment, die we in expect the near future. “

Used in the study die Researchers artificial intelligence by using existing data sets for Alzheimer’s and “Covid-19” patients, and they measured die Proximity between genes – the host proteins of the virus that causes Covid-19 and those die with many neurological diseases in As this reveals pathways of disease, and die Researchers also analyzed die genetic factors, die allowed the virus to infect brain tissue and cells.

While die Researchers found little evidence that the virus was targeting the brain directly, they discovered tight network relationships between the virus and the genes – proteins, die with many neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease, in Connect and point out ways about die “Covid-19” on dementia-like disease Alzheimer’s.

To investigate this further, they looked at possible associations between COVID-19, neuroinflammation, and microvascular injuries to the brain, both hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.

“We noticed that die novel coronavirus infection die Alzheimer’s disease markers, die involved in encephalitis has significantly changed and that some viral entry factors in Blood-brain barrier cells are strongly expressed. These results suggest that the virus affects several genes, “said Zheng or Wegen, die are involved in neuroinflammation and microvascular injuries in the brain, die can lead to Alzheimer’s-like cognitive impairment. “

The researchers also found that people with the APOE E4-E4 allele, the greatest genetic risk factor for die Alzheimer’s disease, showed reduced expression of antiviral defense genes, making these patients more susceptible to die Development of MERS.

“Ultimately we hope to pave the way for die To pave research die leads to testable and measurable biomarkers, die Identify patients die are most at risk of neurological complications with COVID-19, ”says Cheng. Cheng and his team are now working to develop actionable biomarkers and new therapeutic goals for die Identify neurological problems related to “Covid-19” using advanced network medicine and artificial intelligence techniques.

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