Understanding the Causes of Nighttime Urination: Insights from Dr. Sergei Agapkin

The Causes of Nocturnal Urination

Many suffer from the problem of urinating at night and going to the toilet from time to time, which interferes with restful sleep.

Determining the Cause

According to Dr. Sergei Agapkin in the TV program, the causes of nighttime urination are different. As such, to establish the cause, it is necessary to pass the necessary tests and analyzes.

High Blood Sugar Levels

Dr. Agapkin advises that the first thing to do is to determine the level of sugar in the blood. If it turns out that it is above normal, then this indicates a violation of carbohydrate metabolism and even diabetes. Diabetes, especially with increased thirst, causes frequent urination.

He says: “In the case of compulsive enuresis, that is, when a person suddenly has an urgent urge to urinate, he should be examined to rule out diabetes.”

You should also do a urine test to make sure that there are no traces of glucose in it, because these indicators are related to each other.

Deficiency of Pituitary Hormones

Another cause of nocturnal enuresis is a deficiency of the pituitary hormone that controls diuresis. Dr. Agapkin explains, “We have a hormone secreted by the body at night. This hormone slows down the process of fluid excretion. With age, its levels in the body can decrease, leading to frequent urge to urinate at night.”

Organ Functioning

The urge to urinate at night may also appear due to insufficient functioning of the kidneys, heart, and liver, as well as displacement of the body’s organs in the small pelvis from their normal position.


If you are experiencing nighttime urination, it is advisable to consult a doctor. As Dr. Agapkin points out, “It is important to identify the cause and not mask the symptoms with medication.”

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