UNESCO: Forest fires in Chile destroyed a large number of statues of Easter Island

More than 177 Easter Island stone statues were damaged by wildfires in Chile in early October, according to UNESCO.

The organization’s report states that “experts carried out a preliminary assessment of the damage caused by the fires during a research mission that took place on Easter Island from 17 to 21 October, led by the Director of the UNESCO Regional Office in Chile, Claudia Urbeni. , and that specialists are now faced with the task of determining the measures necessary to eliminate the consequences of a fire.

The report also noted that “the monolithic stone statues on Easter Island are an incomparable cultural heritage that fascinates the whole world, and that Easter Island itself is one of the important World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO.”

For its part, the National Forest Protection Fund of Chile indicated that the fires that broke out earlier this month covered about 240 hectares and damaged plants and archaeological sites on the famous Easter Island.

Source: Belta.by