Unexpected Twist! The Little Mermaid May Stun Critics Despite Pre-Release Controversy

The Little Mermaid: Critics and Audience React to Disney’s Latest Live-Action Adaptation

The Little Mermaid, the new remake in live Disney action is out!

For some years, Disney Brings Its Classics to Life Using Modern Animation Techniques and Live Actors. Halfway between live action and 3D animation, these feature films adopt a more realistic aesthetic and generally work very well in cinema. The Lion King directed by John Favreau in 2019, is the 9th most grand hit of all time with $1.6 billion at the Box-office while The beauty and the Beast by Bill Condom with Emma Watson generated 1.2 billion. However, and despite this overall success, films are often strongly criticized.

A lukewarm critical reception, a public visibly conquered

Shortly before and just after the release, the professional reviews were published and, Overall, the movie disappoints. We are talking in particular about a lukewarm production Who arrive be longer than the original by deleting sequences deemed important, from a feature film that manages extremely poorly its lightand a Disney that takes little risk.

However, the qualities noted are numerous. Most of the river reviews evoke actors who bring their characters to life, and in particular of a Halle Bailey who manages to cause a sensation thanks to son game and its songs, while remaining silent for a good part of the film. In short, there are pretty things to remember and the magic works quite a bit, but the he film would be just a “drop of water” in the Disney ocean. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Top 60 reviewers give it a measly 47%, while the Tomatometer is at 67%. However, on the side of public, it seems to work very well! With over 5000 verified reviews, THE score of the audience is 95%:

Very positive reviews from public, which should logically be felt when the figures for the first weekend are published. We already know that The little Mermaid To generated 38 millions dollars on American soil on the day of its releaseand that’on could be close to 100 millions over the whole weekend. Despite the controversies and a number of negative reviews, the thread could therefore be a new success at the Box-office for Disney.

Controversies Surrounding the Film

This time, beyond the technical considerations raised during the broadcast of the various trailers and the criticism of Disney’s policy, the reactions were strong and numerous about the choice of the actress to embody Ariel.

For this film, Disney chose Halle Bailey, who became known for her covers, including that of Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce Knowles. African-American, the actress has, by her simple skin color, unleashed whole waves of racist comments, which accompanied all the communication of the film to the point of eclipsing the release. A #NotMyAriel hashtag, with which on falls very quickly on terrible comments, has even found itself in trend under cover of defending the original vision of Hans Christian Andersen. Rob Marshall, director of the 2h15 film, regularly spoke out in order to defend the choice of production:

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