Unforgettable Lessons Learned: How Danny Mac Prioritized Family

Hitting Pause: Danny Mac on Pandemic Life and Fatherhood

The pandemic has brought about changes, both positive and negative, to people’s lives around the world. For actor Danny Mac, the aftermath of the lockdown brought a break in his career but also provided him with an opportunity to spend quality time with his wife, Carley Stenson, and their newborn daughter, Skye. In this article, we delve into Danny’s thoughts on fatherhood, his recent role in Stephen Sondheim’s upcoming production of Assassins, and reflections on his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Early Days of the Pandemic

Danny Mac had just started playing the Richard Gere role in the musical “Pretty Woman” when the West End closed down due to the pandemic in March 2020. The show remained closed until the following summer, disrupting his career. Still, professionally catastrophic as it was, Danny did find a silver lining in the lockdown.

Quality Time at Home

Danny and his wife Carley Stenson, both known for their roles in Hollyoaks, got married in 2017. Before Skye was born, they had seldom had time to spend quality moments alone together. The lockdown enabled Danny to be home more, and the couple used the opportunity to build a new home. Danny took on the role of project manager for their new house, and they enjoyed being surrounded by their close families in Bognor.


Danny and Carley’s daughter Skye was born in June 2021, and Danny reflects that fatherhood has been the greatest experience of his life. He has a newfound perspective, where his daughter has become his priority, and his career has become much less important. He mentions that his performance as John Wilkes Booth in the upcoming Stephen Sondheim musical production of Assassins comes to a close in just a few weeks, but he isn’t too concerned about his next project.

Assassins and Sondheim

In the production of Assassins, Danny Mac plays John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated US President Abraham Lincoln. While Booth is often portrayed as a villain, Danny’s approach to the role is much more nuanced and thought-provoking. Changing his appearance and emphasizing Booth’s motivations, Danny hopes to present a more complex, three-dimensional interpretation of the man.

Strictly Come Dancing and the Loss of Len Goodman

Danny Mac made his mark on the BBC’s popular dance competition Strictly Come Dancing in 2016, coming joint second with Louise Redknapp. Reflecting on his time on the show, Danny shares his sadness about the recent death of head judge Len Goodman. Danny praises Len’s legacy as a true gentleman and a passionate judge who gave contestants honest feedback.

Looking Ahead

Danny plans on branching out from acting and trying his hand at directing in the future. He talks about the possibility of working with Carley Stenson. Above all, Danny Mac is happy, but also terrified, now that he’s also a father. His daughter has given a new edge and depth to his life, and he finds himself valuing his career less than before.


The pandemic has brought with it many collective struggles worldwide, and the entertainment industry was not spared. Danny Mac, however, was able to find a silver lining amid the uncertainty, spending time with his wife and newborn daughter. As he prepares for his upcoming role in Assassins, Danny acknowledges the change his perspective has undergone and is enthusiastic about how fatherhood has transformed him.

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