Unintentional In-Game Purchase Costs Player Nearly 150,000 Euros – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

Darrel Watkins: The YouTube Star


Darrell Watkins is an 18-year-old American boy who is a hit on Youtube. Some of you may know him as son pseudonym IShowSpeed: it became in 2022 the content creator gaming most viewed on youtube.

Rise to Fame

A platform probably chosen by default. First present on the live streaming site Twitch, IShowSpeed ​​has been banned for an indefinite period. The reason? For “spam and deceptive practices” he reports. It is therefore on the Google platform that Darrel Watkins offers son content over 16 millions subscribers: it’s almost as many as Squeezie!


Videos that revolve around pranks and unfortunate accidents… including on never know if they are voluntary or simply due to a certain youthful naivety. For example, you may have heard of him when he opened a virus in front of 60,000 people or almost set his room on fire with fireworks. He also disclosed by mistake the phone number of one star of football German. And the list goes on for a long time.

An Expensive Joke

She even updated this week with the purchase of a virtual item: a hat on the Roblox game costing 14 millions of Robux: around 140,000 euros. A price justified by the rare nature of the headgear: it belongs to a limited series and will soon disappear from circulation. IShowSpeed probably thought it was funny to believe its viewers that it was going to pay such a sum. Except that by clicking on the button Buy probably didn’t expect to be instantly debited.

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