United Arab Emirates: Putting drugs into someone else’s drink or food is a crime punishable by law

The UAE Prosecutor’s Office explained, in a video clip, “the penalty for instilling drugs in the drink or food of others”, and the prosecution stated that, according to the laws against narcotics and psychotropic substances, he is punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, and the fine of no less than 20 thousand dirhams. Any narcotic or psychotropic substance expected, in a drink or in a food for others, or use it without his knowledge of their reality.

The penalty is imprisonment of not less than 10 years if the facts (..) are committed with the intent to commit a crime against the victim, or to make her addicted to such narcotic or psychotropic substances, if tale result is achieved, this is considered an aggravating circumstance, according to the UAE Prosecutor’s Office. The penalty is life imprisonment or death if the acts provided (..) involve the death of the victim.

This came as part of the Procuratorate’s campaign to promote legal culture among society members, publish all updated and updated legislation in the Emirates, and raise the level of public awareness of the law, according to the official UAE news agency. United “WAM”.

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