United Nations: 108 dead in air strikes in Ethiopia since the beginning of the year

The UN Human Rights Office on Friday expressed concern over “numerous and deeply disturbing reports” of air strikes in the Tigray region. in Ethiopia, stating that at least 108 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year.

Lisa Throssell, a spokesperson for the office, described numerous attacks, including those against a private bus, an airport and a camp for displaced persons, and said at least 59 died in the strike that struck the camp, making it the worst attack. in terms of victims.

“At least 108 civilians have been killed and 75 wounded since the beginning of the year in airstrikes allegedly carried out by the Ethiopian air force,” he told reporters in Geneva.

Protection of civilians

Throssell called on the Ethiopian authorities and their allies to ensure the protection of civilians in compliance with international law, which requires verification that the targets are military.

“Failure to respect the principles of distinction and proportionality can constitute war crimes,” he said.

Military spokesman Colonel Jitnit Adeniyi and Ethiopian government spokesman Jesse Tulu did not respond to requests for comment on the air strikes.

The government previously denied targeting civilians in the 14-month conflict with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front fighters. The Tigray Liberation Front is believed to have no air force to launch attacks.

A United Nations World Food Program official warned at the same press conference that the program’s operations in northern Ethiopia were “on the verge of coming to a halt” due to intense fighting in the region.

“Without food, fuel or mobility, we are on the verge of a serious humanitarian crisis,” he added.

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