United Nations: Evictions in East Jerusalem can represent “war crimes”.

The United Nations called on Israel on Friday to end everything Evictions against Palestinians In East Jerusalem, it warned that its actions would constitute “war crimes”.

“We urge Israel to end all evictions immediately,” said United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights spokesman Robert Colville during a regular press conference in Geneva.

The call comes after the arrest of 15 Palestinians in the night after clashes between Israeli security forces and protesters against die Evacuation of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem, see above die Police.

The clashes broke out in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem amid an intense legal battle over the fate of Palestinian families, die were threatened with eviction in favor of Israeli settlers.

“We want to emphasize that East Jerusalem is still part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and that international humanitarian law applies to it,” Colville added.

The current tension revolves around ownership of the land on which die Houses were built by four Palestinian families.

Earlier this year, the Jerusalem District Court ruled in favor of Jewish families die Property rights in claimed this quarter of East Jerusalem, which was occupied and annexed by Israel.

If Jews can prove, under Israeli law, that their families lived before the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 in East Jerusalem, they can die Demand restoration of their “property rights”. The law does not include Palestinians die lost their property during the war.

The court’s decision angered die Palestinians, die they contested and protested, die often led to clashes with the police.
Colville stressed that “Israel is its legislative system in cannot enforce the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem. “

“We also urge Israel die Respect freedom of expression and assembly, and that includes protesters against die Evictions and maximum restraint in the use of force, “said the spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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