United Nations: Ukraine’s death toll is in the thousands in more than announced

The number of civilians who died during the nearly 11-week war is thousands higher than the official number of 3,381, the head of the UN human rights monitoring mission said Tuesday. in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner.

The United Nations mission, which includes 55 observers in Ukraine said most of the deaths were caused by explosive weapons that leave their mark in a wide areasuch as missiles and air strikes.

“We are preparing estimates, but all I can say is that there are thousands in more than the numbers we’ve given you so far, “Bogner said in a press conference in Geneva in answer to a question about the total number of deaths and injuries.

“The big black hole is in Mariupol reality, where it is difficult for us to obtain fully confirmed information, “he added, referring to the coastal city in southeastern Ukraine, which has so far witnessed the fiercest fighting since the outbreak of the war.

Moscow denies targeting civilians and claims that the military operation launched on February 24 aims to disarm Ukraine and free it from anti-Russian nationalists. Ukraine and Western countries deny Russia’s account and claim it is waging a war of unwarranted aggression.

Bogner was speaking after a trip in Ukraine last week during which he visited the areas around Kiev and Chernihiv previously occupied by Russian forces.

He said his mission had reports of more than 300 illegal killings in residential areas north of Kiev, including Bucha. I expected the number to increase.

Bogner also expressed concern over the use of schools by both sides for military purposes and, in some cases, for the transfer of heavy military equipment to them.

The mission is also investigating “credible allegations”, as Bogner described, of torture, ill-treatment and executions committed by Ukrainian forces with local Russian and allied forces.

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