Unknown fires in New Halfa in Sudan

A state of confusion and terror affects the residents of a village in eastern Sudan as fires of unknown origin continued for 5 days, which led to dozens of houses being devoured.

A civil protection team was forced to remain in the village, to follow the flames that moved from one house to another, while the residents took turns monitoring the fire throughout the day. Residents of the village near the new town of Halfa in eastern Sudan confirmed that “unidentified fires” broke out on Thursday, destroying at least 20 homes so far.

Residents’ fears increased Monday morning when they suddenly saw fires emerging from the top of a room made from local materials. Marwan Muhammad, a resident of the village, said: “We see the fires on the roof of the house that stretch our tongues and when we finish the fire fight with the help of the civil protection men, they start in another house, and so we have spent long hours since last Thursday chasing the unknown fires that are also burning in some abandoned houses. “Muhammad confirms that the fires returned again at night without any actor or outside influence. He added:” The fires suddenly broke out in the houses, so we decided to evacuate the residents. “Many residents of the village resorted to collecting and reciting the Qur’an because they believed that these fires were not an act of human beings. Marwan Muhammad points out that this is the second time such an incident has been repeated in the same village, where 30 years ago all the houses in the village were destroyed by fire, without knowing the cause or origin. A local police officer said the fire brigade team has been in the village for three days, and when they finished putting out the fires in some houses, the fires resume without them being able to know the cause.

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