Unleash your inner senior citizen in Goat Simulator dev’s next game, Just Die Already

Armin Ibrisagic and his studio, DoubleMoose, the people behind the unexpected smash-hit, Goat Simulator, have announced their new game: Just DieAlready The game is referred to as an “Old People Mayhem Sandbox Game,” with players ending up being somebody of the “more senior persuasion.” Players will need to compete in a series of insane challenges in order to earn an area in the “World’s Nicest Retirement Home.”

The game is referred to as “ridiculously gory” and “over-the-top,” as players use a wide array of challenge cause mayhem for the Millennial and Zoomerpopulation These items consist of guns, trampolines, huge trouts, jet packs, and muchmore with that insane power comes insane obligation, as every part of your body can be broken, or even fall off.

Revealing Just Die Already– a game where you play as an old male who’s ill of living and is searching for the most remarkable and excellent way of ending all of it: https://t.co/SSyZhTzEsR

— DoubleMoose Games (@DoubleMoose) August 7, 2018

The game can be played solo or with up to 3 good friends and will be launched on PC this summertime. For those seeking to launch their inner- Boomer a little earlier, a demonstration will be launched on Steam “shortly,” for players to test the game out for themselves.

This sounds like the best follow-up game to Goat Simulator, which took the gaming world by storm with its sandbox world, unforeseeable physics, satirical gameplay, and humorous bugs. It’s a definitely insane game, and Just Die Already sounds to be in the specific very same vein. With whatever going on in the world today, this might be just the kind of absurdity we need today.

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= emCSZNhmrBo

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