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Unleashing the Future: Star Wars Rogue One Director Ventures into AI and Sci-Fi with The Creator

The Creator: The Secret Project Announcing Gareth Edwards’ Return after Rogue One


A spectacular trailer, and finally some info! This is what emerges from the first presentation of The Creator which signs the return to business of a Gareth Edwards exhausted after Rogue One and who hesitated between several projects. We knew the director had finally cast son devoted to True Love, a story of science-fiction whose content has been jealously kept secret.

The Story of The Creator

In 2021, it was announced that the filmmaker was surrounded by John David Washington, Allison Janney, Gemma Chan and Ken Watanabe, and that a contract has been signed with New Regency, and that’s it. Discretion was therefore required, although filming took place in 2022 near Bangkok and then in Pinewood studios. We also know that the budget seems to be up to the ambitions of the film, the shooting of which lasted 5 months. Thanks to the broadcast of the first trailer, on learn a lot more and especially that True Love became The Creator of which the scenario is the main creation of the director. It is a new futuristic universe, in which humans have developed an artificial intelligence capable of protecting them from threats.

As humanity cohabits with seemingly sentient androids, the AI ​​turns against its creators and decides to literally atomize Los Angeles. Joshua, a former special forces agent, is responsible for finding and then eliminating The Creator, the person or entity behind the creation of this AI which now threatens all life on Earth. The latter succeeds, but finds himself face to an android with the appearance of a little girl. Then seems to start a real challenge on conscience and free will against the backdrop of artificial intelligence. A subject already widely explored, and in particular by Terminator, but who here seems to find new light. Obviously, one immediately sees the artistic touch of Gareth Edwards, the same ason found in Monsters, Godzilla or RogueOne but also that of Greg Fraser, director of photography on Rogue One,The Batman orDunes.

Artificial Intelligence and SF

Distributed by 20th Century Studio, which, let’s remember, belongs to Disney, The Creator hits theaters September 27, 2023. As to whether it will be one of the big hits of the year, we will have to wait a few months. However, the release of the trailer seems to have hooked the public, and the original version of the video already has over 5 million views on Youtube.


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