Unleashing Unprecedented Development: Gilchrist Automotive Reveals Three Strategic Acquisitions to Propel Growth

Gilchrist Automotive Expands Reach with Four New Dealerships

First Honda Store for Gilchrist Automotive Group

Gilchrist Automotive in Hudson Oaks, Texas, recently acquired four dealerships across the state. Stephen and Charlie Gilchrist, co-owners of the automotive group, made three separate transactions to buy the new dealerships, including the group’s first-ever Honda store.

Legend Driven Buick-GMC and Legend Driven Honda

In the first purchase, the duo bought Legend Driven Buick-GMC and Legend Driven Honda, located in Lawton, Oklahoma’s southern region. The two stores were procured from Tim Allred of Rocky Mountain Yeti Automotive Group and renamed to SouthWest Buick-GMC and SouthWest Honda on January 26.

Legend Driven Mazda

The group purchased Legend Driven Mazda, now SouthWest Mazda, in a deal that closed on April 11 from Allred in another acquisition effort.

Toyota Store

In September of this year, Gilchrist Automotive purchased a Toyota store in Lawton, Oklahoma, which Stephen Gilchrist, co-owner of the group, regards as a strategic choice. Stephen Gilchrist has highlighted the importance of clustering dealerships in close proximity to drive better performance.

A New Ford Dealership

Gilchrist Automotive also acquired a Ford dealership from Stanley Auto Group in Pilot Point, north of Dallas, in January 2022, shifting its focus to the northern part of the state. The store was renamed Platinum Ford North to represent the new ownership.

Continued Renovations

The group has continued to work on renovating and upgrading its new stores to conform to brand guidelines while integrating new staff to better optimize performance.

Gilchrist Automotive Rankings

Gilchrist Automotive has been ranked as the 99th holding company on Automotive News‘s list of the top 150 dealership groups based in the United States, recording retail sales of 8,922 new vehicles in 2022.

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