Unlock the Ultimate Egg Collection Technique in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with Soneau Technology

Link’s revenge

The community of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, hasn’t finished sharing his craziest creations. Since the release of this opus on May 12, players have been able to discover with pleasure the new crafting system hitherto unpublished for the license which allows you to create almost anything that comes to mind.

No omelet without breaking eggs

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are not 1000 ways to collect eggs. Either you have to go to a shop to buy some, or you have to scare the hens with sword strokes, at the risk of stirring up their anger. But Bear Gaming Asia has found the ultimate answer to the wrath of the chickens: a Soneau chicken coop that allows you to provoke them away from damage. In itself, its construction remains quite basic, but devilishly effective. As often, it was enough to think about it.

The creation

The player has simply constituted a box in which he place hens, before closing it and turning on the ice-throwers which will cause them damage, pushing them to lay eggs. The script for their celestial reprisals must be launched, but the construction precisely makes it possible to parry their assault. And so that’s the jackpot. As long as you have battery, you have eggs. Note that to create optimal conditions, the player puts on Xanto’s helmet, a rare piece of equipment already present in The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild which provides frost resistance.


Truth be told, the potential of this new feature seems limitless. Useful, even essential for every aspect of Tears gameplay of The Kingdom, the creations allow you to move, fight… or even farm resources. This is precisely what Bear Gaming Asia shows us today, a videographer who has found the ultimate way to collect the eggs of the terrifying hens of Hyrule. That’s times, that’s a no-match. The formidable volatiles cannot fight against Link and the Soneau technology.

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