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Frequent Flyer Status: Is It Worth It?

“Now Boarding” is a weekly podcast about air travel and the business of flying. AsumeTech airlines reporter Leslie Josephs and AsumeTech senior producer Erin Black delve into topics like turbulence, airline status, boarding, jumbo jets and all things aviation. Watch this episode and others on AsumeTech’s YouTube channel every Sunday.

Episode Summary

On this episode of “Now Boarding” Leslie and Erin discuss frequent flyer status, airline perks and whether the game is worth it. They talk with Tom Stuker, who has flown more than 23 million miles and says he has lifetime Global Services status on United Airlines, and Brett Snyder, a former airline manager and founder of the Cranky Network Weekly, an industry analysis site.

The Perks of Frequent Flyer Status

During the episode, Leslie and Erin highlight some of the benefits that come with frequent flyer status, such as:

  • Priority boarding
  • Lounge access
  • Free checked bags
  • Complimentary upgrades

Is It Worth It?

The podcast guests offer differing opinions on the value of frequent flyer status. Tom Stuker argues that the perks are significant and worth the effort, while Brett Snyder counters that airlines have made it increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain status, and that there are other ways to save on travel expenses.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the decision to pursue frequent flyer status depends on your travel habits and priorities. If you fly frequently and value the perks, it may be worth the effort to earn and maintain status. However, if you’re a more casual traveler or prioritize affordability over luxury, you may be better off skipping the status game and focusing on finding the best deals on flights.

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